Home Movies is a partnership of Organic Family members whose focus is on Film and Video Production. We have recently released our first 16mm narrative short-film. Director/producer Jesse P. Howard (my brother) spent the first half of 1997 writing, shooting and editing the movie, and although there is no synch-dialog (i.e., actual words being spoken by characters on the screen), the film has a compliment of select sound effects and an amazing musical score, also written by my Bro. With this particular sonic environment in mind, Jesse calls it, "a silent movie about sound."

With a grant from the Northwest Film Forum/Wiggly World as part of the non-profit Seattle organization's "out-of-the-can" project, and the help of his assistant director and co-writer Kate Castanino, tech director Aaron Murray, co-editor Jesse Moore, and myself (I returned to Seattle from Martha's Vineyard, MA, in late 1997, to be a founding member of Organic Family and Home Movies), he is preparing the film for submission into several national and international film festivals. Our premier screenings of the film took place at the end of June / beginning of July, 1998 at the Grand Illusion Theatre in Seattle's University District, a recent aquisition of Wiggly World.

We simply hope that as many people as possible have a chance to enjoy the film. We just want to get it out there. We think it's a beautiful little picture.

Home Movies has just completed its our first feature film. Based on a screenplay by Jesse Howard, The Trouble with Boys and Girls is a story of trust and loyalties, and of friends, foes, and followers. With a cast comprised almost entirely of kids, Jesse, who will once again be directing, will have the opportunity to use some of his long-honed talent for working with kids on the stage and bring that light to the big screen.

On hand for this new project is Jesse, Kate, Jesse Moore, Paul Westfall, Erika Stone and myself. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in working on this film in any capacity. Visit the web site for more information

GENNY VINNEDGE as Girl in Strike My Key.
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